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Suzanne McNeil
Suzanne McNeil

God Jar

Suzanne McNeil
Suzanne McNeil
Suzanne McNeil
Suzanne McNeil
Suzanne McNeil
Suzanne McNeil
Suzanne McNeil
Suzanne McNeil
Suzanne McNeil





In most relationships some are givers and some are takers, which one are you?

Driving with the midnight sun mile marker 101

The words you don’t say deafen me I stare off into the trees

I gave you all I had to give it never changed the way you lived

Should we just give up this fight the flag I hold is white



Bend, not breaking give not taking

I’m the willow you’re the oak through the storm who’s branches broke?


I gather pieces one at a time my pawns along the battle line

He grins at me as if to say never thought you’d come to play

I move my queen across the board his king prepares to draw his sword

Silence shattered by the sound one by one we all fall down



Falling forward pushing down stains upon my wedding gown

Like the seagulls in the sky we could have flown so high



Bend, not breaking give not taking I’m the willow you’re the oak

Watch me rise up through the smoke- Bend



You’re like a big tall glass of water

Can’t wait to get my arms around you- you- it’s all about you

I went to the fortune tellershe said honey who’s that fellow- you- it’s all about you

Ever since the day I saw you- I knew it’d always be about you- It's all about you

You're my morning cup of coffee No need for sugar in my grande latte-you-it's all about you

I walked into the room it lit up everyone asks me if I'm in love- it's you- it's all about you

Ever since the day I saw- I knew it'd always be about you-it's all about you



Everywhere I look you’re all I see

You’re the reason that is right for me


You’re my favorite pinot noir a sweet reseve is what you are-you-it's all about you

I stopped lookin' I was through true love exists I never knew- it's you- it's all about you



It's not in what you say It's in what you do There's no games to play You're my dream come true



oh wa wa oh wa wa wa



I’ve had my fill, I can’t sit still It’s about time I leave all these

Troubles behind, and my state of mind I never dreamed this is how my life would be


You can walk away, you can quit today but wherever you go- There you are


Married three times, not in her prime  she just can’t see that he's not good for her

They’re all the same but not to blame they make her sad- they’re just like dad



You can walk away, you can quit today

Start a new life, just leave town

You can’t stand the rain you can kill the pain

But wherever you go- There you are


No matter where you go or how you get there

You can change the way you feel if you just change your mind


He still has dreams, but without means, he just gives in, he just can't win





You sit in the front row at this show

Rose colored glasses your good to go

You bought a round and now it’s last call

Your birthday wish meant nothing at all

Crazy maker such a taker this time you finally hit the wall



Cut em loose walk away

You can’t fly with wings of clay

Cut em loose walk away

A thousand red lights on a one way on a one way on a one way


You had a best friend since fourth grade

You never ever thought that things would change

But lately she won't take your calls

But then again you heard that she's involved

Crazy maker such a taker this time you finally hit the wall



You tell me your plans

You pencil me in

You’d never think to write it with a pen



McNeil/ Garlin


This is for all the moms' out there.

I watch my mother cleaning up at night

Me and my sisters are tucked in tight

We try to help but she shooes us away

My mothers moppin up another day



Sacrifice ohhh ohhh weaving the fabric of our life x2


I thought my mother was from this town

Looks like she just followed her wedding gown

My daddy has about a million friends

Mama makes coffee while he entertains



Late in the kitchen light my daddy holds her tight I poke my head through the banister

I watch them dance around like their out on the town he lets her lead he can’t take his eyes of his queen

It’s like a twirl is all she needs to be……


Chorus x2



Long winter, achin for the sun, cold lonely love had come undone

I’m not sure just when I hit the ground I kept on diggin in the dirt and found

That life happens when you’re busy makin plans

You found me with the earth upon my hands

You weren’t afraid to hold me in the rain,

Cause we both knew that seasons will change



Is that a robin in my backyard Is that a blossom on the tree

Is that my imagination Is that a daffodil I see

Life survives the winter and when darkness is done

Just like it always does- Spring Has come Spring has come


I tremble when I look into your eyes you take me to a beautiful sunrise

I’m reminded how good life can be and this river melts inside of me



Little girls in pastel dresses with matching shoes butterflies in the morning dew





I wrote this song with my Mom, Elizabeth McNeil. She is a Nurse who works in a Drug Rehab center.

She didn’t come home again today

But nobody noticed anyway

Like a feather in the air

16 could end up anywhere

She met some friends in west La

They hooked her up no need to pay

Up so high please make it last

Not sure just how much time had passed



She is white as snow

Red as blood

Black as ebony

And the looking glass that tells the truth

That only she can see


Just 17 and road hard ways

Tells herself she’ll quit someday

Make new friends and get some help

And leave the darkness all by herself

No intervention for this queen

Her family left her in between

Will she ever turn the page or lie alone in her crystal cage



Bridge 1

Mirror mirror on the wall will you catch her when she falls when she falls


Bridge 2

At 444 lying still on the bathroom floor

Adjusting her eyes a brilliant light shining off the tiles




Picture this, you're sleeping on your parent's coach 

Cause you're ex, got the car, the dog and the house 

You're waitressing at a dive maxin your credit line

Shopping the goodwill store, ego's on the floor



When life gets way too serious

The whole world's gone delirious

Remember you're a girl just be glad

Put a pretty red shine on your mouth

Call up a friend and let it all out

There's nothing that a girl can't get past with Lipstick and a Laugh


You're in deep with your hershey's diet coke and fries

But how sweet when you've had enough and you decide

To break out that halter top and get with your girls and rock

Belt out 80's hits with you Gwen Stefani lips let if ripppp



We all feel sad and lonely some days but believe me sister 





I wrote this song with my mom about my sister Nancy.

Sunny skies the morning rush

Arm and arm we run to the bus

Separate schools side by side

Sad eyes she waves goodbye

Recess I’m with my friends

I hear my name, she’s crying again

There she is in her pink dress

Tiny fingers reachin through the fence



Sisters hands touching mine

Like no others can, we'll be forever tied

Sisters hands touching mine


I need the phone she wont get off

He might call and I like him a lot

Seems like all we do is fight

Take off my shirt I’m wearing that tonight

Madonna posters on her wall I’m cranking Zepplin down the hall

Before you know it’s graduation day

She’ll miss me most when I go away



10 years of marriage, when he walked out that door I never needed my sister more





The dust on the window has a story a broken statue that says I’m sorry

It fell apart at the wishing well, what went wrong it’s hard to tell

Every whisper she remembers that first night in September

Promises when the lights are low in the reality of light seem to go



She didn’t see the left over smile of the moon

As she was leavin’ shinin down on her gloom

She’s be home soon- oh left over smile of the moon- left over smile of the moon


The only light on that highway she’d be in Boston in just one more day

There were no trees where he came from just one more trip around the sun



On the road she made a deal, she’d call once more and if he was there, maybe she’d turn around

In the cold phone booth that night there was no wrong there was no right, a busy signal was the sound


Left over smile Left over smile Left over smile



It was right at the 4 month mark

Just after I finally poured out my heart

I pushed you pulled then we sailed upon the seas of your insecurities

Not this time I won’t overananlyze

What I could or should have done it happens evertyime

You held on for dear life not even being sure what you were searching for



He wouldn’t say when (he wouldn’t) he couldn’t say when not even in the end



Mr Noncommital it’s just a little late

And I won’t wait, I won’t wait go find someone else’s heart to break to break to break


It’s been a while and I have moved on with my life

It’s 3am the phone rings it’s you to my surprise

You love me your ready well it must be fate cause you are just one guy too late



Is she gonna is she gonna is she gonna wait Or will it be will it be will it be too late x2



Just 2000 miles to go my gas guage says I’m low

Tell me something I don’t know I’m headin east I’m going home

The road signs and the radio remind me why I had to go

Always searchin for that vein of gold it’s never something I can hold



Goin down the highway Down the highway Down the highway I just couldn’t stay

Goin Down the Highway Down the highway Down the highway I left today


1500 miles left I think about you and I catch my breath

The sky is crying and my face is wet how I got here I forget




I am driving in the flat black night I am driving I am holding on tight

I am driving, I am I am the only light


In the twilight I can see my hometown exit starin back at me

Things are starting to look so clear to me

My destination on this crazy journey


Just a few more miles to go I found my way I am home




You are a great friend and a lover

There’s still so much left to discover

Your not a taker but a giver

With every promise that you deliver


If you knew how long I have been waiting

Just when I stopped anticipating

It feels like no time and forever

The moments we have spent together



Just to hear your heart beat long after you have gone to sleep

Just to hear your voice when your not speaking X2



This is just bliss with every kiss X2

Verse 1

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