It's All About You



You’re like a big tall glass of water

Can’t wait to get my arms around you- you- it’s all about you

I went to the fortune tellershe said honey who’s that fellow- you- it’s all about you

Ever since the day I saw you- I knew it’d always be about you- It's all about you

You're my morning cup of coffee No need for sugar in my grande latte-you-it's all about you

I walked into the room it lit up everyone asks me if I'm in love- it's you- it's all about you

Ever since the day I saw- I knew it'd always be about you-it's all about you



Everywhere I look you’re all I see

You’re the reason that is right for me


You’re my favorite pinot noir a sweet reseve is what you are-you-it's all about you

I stopped lookin' I was through true love exists I never knew- it's you- it's all about you



It's not in what you say It's in what you do There's no games to play You're my dream come true



oh wa wa oh wa wa wa

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Dec 16, 2018
Paddy Barry's
Quincy MA
Dec 22, 2018
The Patriot Tavern
Walpole MA
Jan 4, 2019
The British Beer Company
Plymouth MA
Jan 6, 2019
The Industry on Adams
Dorchester MA

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