Lipstick and a Laugh



Picture this, you're sleeping on your parent's coach 

Cause you're ex, got the car, the dog and the house 

You're waitressing at a dive maxin your credit line

Shopping the goodwill store, ego's on the floor



When life gets way too serious

The whole world's gone delirious

Remember you're a girl just be glad

Put a pretty red shine on your mouth

Call up a friend and let it all out

There's nothing that a girl can't get past with Lipstick and a Laugh


You're in deep with your hershey's diet coke and fries

But how sweet when you've had enough and you decide

To break out that halter top and get with your girls and rock

Belt out 80's hits with you Gwen Stefani lips let if ripppp



We all feel sad and lonely some days but believe me sister 



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Aug 18, 2018
Bay Pointe Waterfront Restaurant
Quincy MA
Aug 24, 2018
Bay Pointe Waterfront Restaurant
Quincy MA
Aug 25, 2018
The Voyage
Scituate MA
Aug 26, 2018
South Shore Country Club
Hingham MA

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