Smile of the Moon



The dust on the window has a story a broken statue that says I’m sorry

It fell apart at the wishing well, what went wrong it’s hard to tell

Every whisper she remembers that first night in September

Promises when the lights are low in the reality of light seem to go



She didn’t see the left over smile of the moon

As she was leavin’ shinin down on her gloom

She’s be home soon- oh left over smile of the moon- left over smile of the moon


The only light on that highway she’d be in Boston in just one more day

There were no trees where he came from just one more trip around the sun



On the road she made a deal, she’d call once more and if he was there, maybe she’d turn around

In the cold phone booth that night there was no wrong there was no right, a busy signal was the sound


Left over smile Left over smile Left over smile


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