Snow White



I wrote this song with my Mom, Elizabeth McNeil. She is a Nurse who works in a Drug Rehab center.

She didn’t come home again today

But nobody noticed anyway

Like a feather in the air

16 could end up anywhere

She met some friends in west La

They hooked her up no need to pay

Up so high please make it last

Not sure just how much time had passed



She is white as snow

Red as blood

Black as ebony

And the looking glass that tells the truth

That only she can see


Just 17 and road hard ways

Tells herself she’ll quit someday

Make new friends and get some help

And leave the darkness all by herself

No intervention for this queen

Her family left her in between

Will she ever turn the page or lie alone in her crystal cage



Bridge 1

Mirror mirror on the wall will you catch her when she falls when she falls


Bridge 2

At 444 lying still on the bathroom floor

Adjusting her eyes a brilliant light shining off the tiles


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Feb 1, 2020
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Feb 14, 2020
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