There You Are



I’ve had my fill, I can’t sit still It’s about time I leave all these

Troubles behind, and my state of mind I never dreamed this is how my life would be


You can walk away, you can quit today but wherever you go- There you are


Married three times, not in her prime  she just can’t see that he's not good for her

They’re all the same but not to blame they make her sad- they’re just like dad



You can walk away, you can quit today

Start a new life, just leave town

You can’t stand the rain you can kill the pain

But wherever you go- There you are


No matter where you go or how you get there

You can change the way you feel if you just change your mind


He still has dreams, but without means, he just gives in, he just can't win




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Nov 2, 2019
The Middle East ( Corner Bakery ) Brunch
Cambridge MA
Nov 9, 2019
The Voyage
Scituate (Humarock) MA
Nov 22, 2019
Meadowbrook Restaurant
Hanson MA
Nov 23, 2019
The Voyage
Humarock MA

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